Sunday, January 20, 2008

MonthlyDishcloth KAL for mid-January

I really wasn't sure about the dishcloth thing. I wondered about it as I read about people knitting them, so I decided to try it. I knitted several for Christmas gifts and I found them to be rather addictive. They're like crack for knitters. They're small and therefore very portable. They knit up really quickly. The big plus for me is that I get to try a new stich pattern without commiting it to a big project. Think of it as swatching with a purpose. Or at least with an end product. I used one of these in my kitchen the other day and I love it. So, now I'm addicted. Crack, I tell ya!

I committed to making 2 cloths a month through the Yahoo group MonthlyDishcloths. I'm enjoying it so far. Knitter's crack... Like Plumber Butt, but better.
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DawnK said...

Very pretty! I love that color!

jaclynbailey said...

You make me laugh girl! Knitters crack!!!!